Christmas is on its way and the secret to a smooth holiday experience is to beat the lines and get a head start on your shopping. But then comes the dreaded question: What are good presents to gift our loved ones during one of the happiest times of the year?

Have no fear! One of the greatest things about living on Guam is that there is no shortage of gifts that are local, sustainable, and cost efficient and that will satisfy a wide range of tastes. Check out some of these ideas!

Local and Sustainable Gifts
Guam’s natural beauty, swaying trees, crisp blue oceans, and verdant foliage have served as an inspiration for much of the sustainable goods produced on the island. 

Gift your loved ones with recyclable and sustainable wallets fashioned out of banana paper, made from fiber leftover from a banana fruit harvest. Or if your loved one is a writer, find notebooks made from the same material at various gift shops around the island and DIY a scrapbook of your favorite memories together.

Sirena Soul jewelry Sirena Jewelry 2

You also can’t go wrong with gorgeous craft jewelry from Sirena Soul. Find necklaces made of spondylus and puka shells and earrings and bracelets that range from vibrant and electric reds, greens, and oranges to more subdued and elegant pearl whites and pale blues. Made and inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us, these pieces of art are great for the jewelry lover in your life. Check out their IG page at @sirenasoulguam for more on their collection!

Coconut Tree - Pastries 2

And everyone knows that one gift that you can never go wrong with is sweets! Spread the Hafa Adai spirit and treat your loved ones to the scrumptious and undeniable taste of gourmet coconut candy from The Coconut Tree Company made from fresh, local ingredients. Find them on IG at @thecoconuttreecompany for more information on their location and specials.

Do-It-Yourself Projects
For those looking for more cost-efficient presents, there’s nothing quite as special as putting good ol’ time and effort into your gift. Try out some of these DIY projects!

Make a cookbook of delicious CHamoru comfort foods for the chef in your life. Or create a spa kit out of the natural resources surrounding you that all hard working moms deserve! Grab some coconut oil, lye, olive oil, your favorite scents from natural ingredients such as coffee or lavender, and use materials around your house for a homemade soap. Pair it with some lotion and homemade candles for a simple yet heartfelt gift.

Weave a bag, basket, or fan made from pandanus or coconut leaves that reflect your love and Guam’s culture. If you’re not feeling too great about your weaving skills, stop by Chamorro Village on Wednesday nights and choose amongst an array of woven apparel from a variety of talented local vendors.

Don’t forget! Whatever you choose to do this Christmas season, you can never go wrong with quality time. Check out Guam Visitors Bureau’s Shop Guam app free on the app store for great deals and packages on family activities, restaurants, and more!