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Guam Dolphin Watching

It is no question that Guam’s waters are riddled with an active sea life. If you want a deeper experience of life beyond Guam’s beaches, consider venturing into the world of dolphins. Dolphin watching is a popular activity on Guam. A boat will take you along the currents of the ocean to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. The trip out to dolphin watching sites only takes a few minutes and during this time, you can take in the view of the breathtaking horizon.

Several outfits bring guests out on dolphin watching adventures. If you are in the mood to bask in the glory of these soulful animals, this is one of many boats that can take you to see these graceful creatures. Explore the world of dolphins in their natural habitat and spend a day beneath the blue of the tide

Dolphins are a gentle species so it’s safe to bring children along too. Your kids will love to see the pods of dolphins glide through the waters.  

Not many people can say they’ve had the opportunity to dolphin watch out on Guam waters. It’s a great experience and you will be taking unforgettable memories away with you.