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Gef Pa'go

Staffed mainly by elder Chamorros who demonstrate traditional Chamorro arts, crafts, and cooking to visitors, Gef Pa'go Chamorro Cultural Village is modeled after a community from the 40s and 50s, when the Chamorro lifeways were more prevalently practiced. Gef Pa'go is maintained by the historic Inalahan Foundation in an effort to preserve local culture and pass down traditions to younger generations.

A visit to Gef Pa'go, located about halfway down the coastline of the southern Guamanian village Inarajan, will take you back to the time when ropes were handwoven from tree bark and hats and bowls were handmade from natural fibers.

Try your own weaving project or make a batch of delectable coconut candy. Enjoy the smiles of the local schoolchildren who also flock to Gef Pa'go to reconnect with the history of their island's first people. However you choose to enjoy one-of-a-kind Gef Pa'go, the friendly historic preservationists here are eager to teach you and all who come about the "Chamorro spirit."

Near the entrance stands a dramatic statue of Chief Gadao, a powerful and well-respected leader who according to legend challenged a rival chief in a contest of strength. The two men climbed into a single canoe and began rowing furiously in opposite directions, breaking it in half.

Gef Pa'go is open daily from 9 AM-noon.

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