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Languid, crystal-clear lagoons, pure white sand, quiet stretches of time, and the best diving and sport fishing waters on the planet: this is Micronesia. From the sport fishing mecca of the Marshall Islands to Palau's legendary Rock Islands, Micronesia is a glimmering stretch of Pacific Ocean populated by sunny isles and smiling people.

"Micronesia" means "many small islands." Among these pinpoints of land dotting the sprawling sea, there is something for everyone. Visitors enjoy the unhurried pace and Western feel of the Northern Marianas and delight in the ethereal manta rays and spectacular wreck-diving in the Federated States of Micronesia.

More than 2,000 islands spread some 2,040 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean comprise a land area of approximately 2,350 square kilometers. The estimated population of Micronesia is 400,383.

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