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Sea Life

As if Guam's warm waters and sea breezes weren't alluring enough, our island is also home to an underwater paradise teeming with life in an array of vivid colors.

Over 300 types of coral, 950 fish varieties, and 220 species of benthic marine algae can be found here. Swimming in the crystal clear water that draws divers from all over the world are puffer fish, butterfly fish, soldierfish, squirrelfish, and trumpetfish, to name just a few. Garden eels, giant clams, and reef sharks share an underwater home that is every bit as magnificent as Guam's beaches.

Guam's five protected Marine reserves are Pati Point, Piti Bomb Holes, Sasa Bay, Achang Reef Flat, and the unparalleled Tumon Bay, where 200 coral species and 500 marine species thrive in the pure environment of this dedicated habitat.

Eagle Rays and whale sharks have been spotted around Blue Hole, a 300-foot shaft cut in a limestone reef. Nearby at Barracuda Rock live octopus, lionfish and sea turtles. At Shark Pit, pelagic creatures including sharks and pilot whales roam the waters. Cocos Island's east wall boasts abundant yellow sea fan colonies, soft corals and invertebrates, plus larger fish such as full-grown tuna and barracuda.

See the Guam World Oceans Day 2020 - GCRI Celebration Video, a compilation of video submitted by Guam's ocean community in celebration of World Oceans Day 2020.
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World Oceans Day Guam 2020