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Guam's beautiful landscape and abundant flora and fauna possess a magnetic beauty that must be experienced to be believed. With average daily temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, visitors can explore Guam's great outdoors in sun-drenched comfort. Experience Guam's natural wonders in exquisite detail on dives, hikes, and submarine tours, and take in sweeping views from overlooks such as Two Lovers Point, Cetti Bay, and Sella Bay.

A One-of-a-Kind Paradise

Formed by the union of two now-extinct volcanoes bridged by a limestone plateau, Guam's geography is as unique as the people who call the island home. A coral table reef with deep channels surrounds a majority of the island. Sandy beaches, rocky cliff lines and mangroves characterize the coastline areas.

Guam is home to 32 waterfalls and the highest mountain on earth, Mount Lamlam. If that sounds unbelievable, consider that the mountain's base starts in the deepest part of the ocean, the Marianas Trench. Even though Lamlam (or "Lightning" in the Chamorro language) juts only about 1,300 feet out of the water, technically speaking it beats out the more famous Himalayan peaks known for their imposing height.

Keeping Our Island Beautiful

Blessed with warm temperatures and good soil, Guam is a place where people can live in utmost harmony with nature, growing and feasting on crops of papaya, mango, calamansi, breadfruit, avocado and banana.

The people of Guam take seriously our responsibility to care for our island's beautiful environment. A popular annual road race in honor of the endangered ko'ko bird (also known as the Guam Rail) raises awareness about the flightless bird's struggle for survival against snakes, pesticides and other threats.

Guam's policymakers, environmental conservationists, and the Guam Visitors Bureau have made concerted efforts to protect our sea heritage in 5 marine parks. Wildlife refuges and sanctuaries ensure that the development that makes Gum luxurious and modern does not overtake our island's magnificent natural setting.

A large variety of Guam's indigenous species of plants and animals, including some marine life, can be found at Cushing Zoo, located in the heart of the Tumon tourist district.