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Believed to be the oldest village on Guam, Inarajan’s history predates the 1521 discovery of Guam by the Ferdinand Magellan. Inarajan was a main fishing spot for early Chamorros, and it was home to the legendary Chief Gadao. Today, Inarajan is one the island’s best preserved Spanish-era villages and is known for its rich history and culture, much of which can be observed and experienced at the Gef Pa’go Cultural Village, which is located right on Inarajan Bay.

Gef Pa’go is a small Chamorro cultural village consisting of about eight ancient-style thatched-roof huts, with each hut representing a different architectural style. Gef Pa’go is a living museum that is staffed mainly by elder Chamorros who demonstrate and teach visitors the traditional Chamorro arts, crafts and cooking that were widely practiced in the first half of the 20th century.

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Visitors to Gef Pa’go will see and experience what life on Guam was like in the 1940’s and 1950’s and learn a new set of skills including how to husk and coconut to make coconut oil and coconut candy. Visitors can also learn how to weave sleeping mats and make rope from coconut leaves and other organic materials. As visitors go from hut to hut in the village, Gef Pa’go practitioners go in depth to share their knowledge of Chamorro culture.

For an authentic Only on Guam experience that is centered on Chamorro history and culture, take some time to explore the tranquil southern village of Inarajan and the Gef Pa’go Cultural Center. 

Gef Pa'go is open daily from 9 AM-noon.

Other points of interest in Inarajan include:

• Bear Rock 

• Chief Gadao Cave

• St. Joseph’s Church

• Hotnu Bakery

• Historic Homes

• Salaglula (Inarajan) Pool

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