Kid Selfie

There’s hardly a moment that isn’t made better with a loved one by your side, and experiencing our island paradise is no exception. From toddlers to teens, here are some family-friendly adventures your kids will love.

Explore Guam’s Sandy Shores

Take a walk on the history-riddled shores of Tumon Bay and spend the day making majestic sandcastles with its powdery sand. Speaking of sand, head down south to Talofofo Bay where your little ones can play on shores made entirely of black sand that differs not only in color, but also texture when compared to Guam’s other beaches. The Bay also offers friendly shore breaks to splash around in, and with the right swell, bigger waves that make for a surfer’s perfect day.  Another popular beach lies up north at Ritidian Point. The point is protected wildlife refuge, which may contribute to the popular opinion that Ritidian is the most beautiful beach on Guam. The recreation area is perfect for picnics and your family can spend the day discovering hideaways all along the shoreline. 


Visit Guam’s Only Oceanarium

One of Guam’s most popular attractions, Underwater World invites families to dive into the ocean without ever getting wet. Boasting one of the longest tunnel-aquariums on the planet, visitors can spend the day being part of a different world. In its 800,000 gallons of water, the aquarium gives a home to a diverse set of species from Japan to Australia and across the globe along with animals native to Guam’s own waters. The aquarium also provides special packages where visitors can swim with the sharks, take an ocean safari, or even have a delicious meal in the tunnel with your family surrounded by aquatic friends. 


Observe Marine Life in its Natural Habitat

Fish Eye Marine Park offers a similar yet distinct difference experience to that of Underwater World. Smack in the middle of one of the famous Piti bomb holes, the underwater observatory gives visitors a chance to be among over 200 species of fish that roam the waters. The walk across the 1,000-foot boardwalk to the unique facility offers a unique perspective of the island’s shoreline. Schedule a visit around sunset and you’re in for the tastiest of visual treats as you and your family take in 360-degree views from Fish Eye’s upper deck. A short descent to the lower deck brings you below the level of the sea yet beyond your everyday experience as you take in the wonder of the sea and the coral gardens surrounding you. 

Enjoy Guam’s Natural Beauty, Chamorro Culture and History

Valley of the Latte rolls a bunch of activities into one big touring package. Whether it’s cruising down the Talofofo River in your choice of riverboat, stand-up paddleboard, or kayak; learning to surf, visiting the animal farm, or finding fresh fruit to sink your teeth into at the plantation, you’re free to pick and choose one or all. The Valley is a great way to combine recreation with education as you learn and take part in Chamorro cultural activities such as weaving and karabao riding, all the while surrounded by the valley’s lush, natural beauty. 

Though hardly all-inclusive, this list is a great start for families seeking some entry-level adventure. Whether from the depths of the sea, the bow of a riverboat, or the back of a karabao, Guam gives you many exciting ways to show your Love of Family.