Food trucks have taken Guam by storm! Every Thursday night, you can have your selection from a variety of local food trucks that each offer a unique, delicious menu. 


The Guam Food Trucks collective gathers every Thursday night at Skinner Plaza in Hagåtña and keep their windows open from 5pm to 8pm. The courtyard behind the Guam Museum is an ideal spot for outdoor dining with stone benches, wide walkways, and manicured, picnic-ready grass. Food trucks of various shapes, colors, and cuisines line the perimeter of the courtyard, illuminating the sidewalk with lamps and festive lights. The collective makes outdoor dining fun and family-friendly, as the food trucks attract the community and feature dishes and treats that are not often found in typical restaurants. All you need for a casual and memorable al fresco dining experience is cash and an appetite for street food classics sizzling with a local flair. 


The food truck selection varies each week, but here are some of the trucks you’ll find:





The Food Truck

Joey Atalig makes traditional Bahn Mi sandwiches with protein choices of Chicken Lemongrass, Pork Belly Char Sui, Pepper Roast Beef, and Shataki Glazed Tofu. Any of these can be served over steaming white rice rather than bead. Ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible from Joey’s mother and grandmother’s backyards. The Food Truck also offers specialty 1/2 lb burgers: the Juicy Lucy with a cheese stuffed patty, bacon, and onion jam; and the Banh Mi Burger. On top of that, they also make their own pâté and offer a menu of Specialty Hot Dogs: Banh Mi Dog, Seattle Dog, Spicy New Yorker, Chy Town Dog, and the Classic Dog. Prices range from $3-$10. 









Songge Guam Pizza

The food truck with the most interesting design concept is Songge Pizza. Songge is a Chamorro word that means “burn” or “ignited” as in fire and Songge Pizza’s mobile, wood-fired oven catches everybody’s eye. Roke Quichocho and his wife Chelsie Maier serve six different Guam-themed pizzas that some consider to be the best on the island. The fire is fueled by tangantangan tree wood and fresh coconut, and pizzas are topped and garnished with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible. Each pizza is made with five-cheese bread and covered with one of two signature sauces: Marianas Marinara or Pairie Pesto. For $15-$16, customers can choose from the Five-Cheese, Meat Lover, Pika Pina, or Veggie pizzas. Songge’s most popular (and loaded) pizza is the SUP Prim ($18). 




Hafa Adai Lemonade

From his pinstripe mobile unit, Ken Cruz does the important task of keeping everyone hydrated with iced Fresh Calamansi Lemonade. Their lemonade is unique and delicious because it is made from three simple ingredients: water, fresh calamansi fruit, and organic sugar. The lemonade is served in two sizes: 16 oz. cups for $5, and 32 oz. mason jars (which you can keep!) for $10.





Z’s Green Canteen

Many of the healthiest–and tastiest–options on the block are represented by this small, green food truck. Z’s Green Canteen is a 100% plant-based food truck. They exclusively use local produce to create colorful smoothie bowls (8oz for $6 or 16oz for $10) and handcrafted, coconut ice creams (single scoop for $3, or double scoop for $5). They promote zero-waste dining, and encourage patrons to bring their own bowls and cups, although they are prepared to provide those if they are needed.  


















Koko Crepes

Whether you like your dessert before or after dinner, watching G. Belyshev, the owner of Koko Crepes, spread batter over his crepe pan is sure to get your mouth watering. From his light blue truck, G. and his daughter Tanya serve ice cream sundaes as well as crepes, both with vanilla ice cream. The best part is that the number of toppings that you can add, Nutella, whip cream, berries, bananas, maple or chocolate syrup, and granola–is unlimited! Ice cream sundaes are $5, and crepes are $7.