In the summer of 2015, the island where America’s Day Begins became the first U.S. territory to recognize same-sex unions, after a federal court ruled the ban against gay marriage unconstitutional.

On the same day, June 5, 2015, then-Guam Sen. Nerissa Underwood introduced a bill known as the “Guam Marriage Equality Act.” The measure gain traction in the local community and a couple of months later, lapsed into law making same-sex unions in Guam legal.

The island’s contagious Hafa Adai spirit and warm hospitality means inclusion for people of diverse backgrounds, including the LGBTQ community.

Other than Taiwan, Guam is the only other destination in the Asia-Pacific region where same-sex unions are recognized. For this reason, many LGBTQ tourists gravitate to our island in the middle of sea to celebrate their love.

With the help of various hotels and event planning companies, couples can take advantage of planning their dream wedding in paradise and celebrating on the beach or in a ballroom with their closest family and friends.

From 5Ks to Pride parades, educational forums and night happenings, Guam celebrates 2019 with Pride as we recognize that love is love is love – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, values or beliefs!

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