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Simple Chamorro Greetings

The Chamorro language is experiencing a resurgence, and we Guamanians are proud. At St. Francis School, students order their lunches in Chamorro. Guests at a popular hotel are treated to both solemn and thunderous Chamorro chants during nighttime entertainment. And one business leader holds Chamorro language classes twice a week for his employees. In fact, he attends them himself and has become fluent in the language.

Culture in Guam is alive and genuine. The Chamorro people who were the island's first inhabitants still make up over 37 percent of Guam's population, and their language is celebrated by people from many ethnic groups. Don't be surprised if business owners and restaurant staff greet you with a hearty "Håfa Adai" (Chamorro for "Hello").

Give your best "Håfa Adai" to anyone you meet on your journey, or take an extra step and try out these simple Chamorro greetings. After all, the casual and friendly atmosphere of Guam is the ideal place to practice a new language!




Manana Si Yu'os

Good Morning

Ha'anen Maolek

Good Afternoon

Pue'ngen Maolek

Good Evening

Si Yu'os Ma'åse'

Thank You

Na'an hu si

My name is . . .